Jitka Ottová (*1976 Brno, Czech republic)

My family roots go back to the slopes of the Little Carpathians, a rugged region where my grandfather, a sculptor, stonemason and painter, lover of astrology and philosophy, raised seven daughters to adulthood. And it was they who, with their tenacity and unique approach to life, formed the spirit of the whole family and whose inner strength I still draw on today.

After studying at the business academy in Brno,
I spent four years in a place where we looked kindly and truthfully into the various corners of our own souls. And it was here that I discovered the desire to create my reality through an understanding of deeper connections and a passion for the search for the essence of being. A little later, I realized that creating and expressing myself artistically from this essence is the right means for me to feel meaningful. 
For me, creation is a way to be in touch with the original source. It is a way of knowing, exploring and graciously integrating different forms of existence, touching the depth and meaning of action and having true dialogue between heart and logic. To travel beyond the boundaries of the known and tell stories about the delicate and fragile corners of the human soul thanks to the paintings.