Do you have these thoughts about the paintings?

* I like a particular image, but I don't know how it will look in my home, office, massage parlor, etc.

* I like a particular painting, I would like to see it live first, but I don't have the opportunity to come to your studio.

* I like a particular painting as a gift for my friends, family, and colleagues and I would like them to see it in person in their space first.

* I like a particular picture and would like my partner to see it too.

"My intention is for you to be completely satisfied and for the paintings to always find the right buyer. If you are not sure how the painting will look in your space, within the Czech Republic, I offer a service where I will bring you the selected painting or paintings to the selected location for free.
You then decide on the spot whether to buy the painting or not.
Please contact me by phone or email for a personal arrangement." 

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+420 774 195 774

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