What is a Custom Painting of the Soul and how is it created?

The Painting of the Soul is something like a personal mirror of your soul.
You will connect through a conversation conducted in respect and trust 
to a deeper perception of yourself and if you don't know it yet, we will discover the topic of your soul together. A topic that comes back to consciousness over and over again as a desire for something. People around you, situations, dreams or memories remind you of it. It can be finding your mission, motherhood, abundance, freedom, family, inner peace, joy, etc. This topic is stored deep in your soul. You will recognize him by feeling the resonance and your inner voice will say, "Yes, this is the real thing." The interview will then create a painting that will bear a unique imprint of this topic. Where the painting is located, it will connect you to the chosen topic and support you on the path to your dream goal.

In the process of creating the painting, I trust in our deeper connection and let my hands and hearts create freely and without judgment. At the beginning, I never know how the painting will look like in the end. You can either choose the size and format yourself or I will help you with the selection. Good to know where the painting will be placed, but this is not a condition either.

We can conduct the interview at the place of your choice or at my place
in the studio. Everything said at the meeting is governed by a code
of confidentiality. 
I enclose a certificate of authenticity of the work and
a letter to the painting, which gives a personal explanation of the meaning of the painting so that you can return to the details in the future.
The introductory meeting is free. Everything else, up to the final handover, is included in the price of the painting.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.