"The year 2019 was a year of hard work for all of us.
Not that it was different for other years, 
but somehow we were more aware of it. 
We became more aware of what was important and what made sense to us,
we fought more with ourselves and for ourselves.
It doesn't matter if the result was a million in the account, a driver's license, perseverance despite, or overcoming fear. We did it and we did a good job.
And I really appreciate that. I wish all of us, what we have experienced, 
what we have fought for, and what we have grown up on, 
whether it is a treasure or living water
in the CUP OF ABUNDANCE, from which we can always drink.
That's what I called this picture. CUP OF ABUNDANCE.
As a reminder and a demonstration that we are amazing and worth doing,
what makes sense to us."

Price: 1.800 Euro

extent 100 x 120 cm
(akryl on canvas)